Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Kitchen Garden Vegetables and Fruit Review July 2016

First Beetroot called Perfect 3 ready now. Sown first week in March. Three of my La Diva Cucumbers, sown second week in March are doing well.  Two died

French Breakfast Seed Tapes worked well. We did have to share them with the Slugs !

My Runner Beans, sown first week in April in the Greenhouse have been disappointing. Lots of flowers but sadly there are very few Bees around to pollinate them. Next year I will grow Snowstorm or Stardust which I hear don't need Bees to pollinate them

 Sweet Million or Moneymaker Tomatoes. Sown first week in March indoors. So far so good ....

Spring Onions sown in March have been growing very slowly
Potatoes.  Doing very well. not ready yet 
Rhubarb. Only one plant survived
Artichokes. Hoping they flower this year.
Berries doing well
This should help me decide what to grow next year

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