Sunday, 21 August 2016

Isle of Man Manx Patchwork Kit from Cregneash

I bought a Kit to try Manx Patchwork when we visited the Cregneash Folk Village on the Isle of Man
This one patch only 9 inches big took me three hours to complete ! 
The photo doesn't show the overlapping, like roof tiles technique which makes Manx patchwork so different

There was a demonstration and beautiful Patchwork on display
This was hung up like a Door Curtain but may have been a Quilt 

This was a Cot Quilt and helped me understand the traditional dark and light sides of the squares. I want to do more Patchwork and hope to get quicker now I understand the technique. I find choosing the right fabrics for patchwork very difficult

I love Ann's Christmas Patch. A beautiful example I found on 


  1. Hi Marion, You have done a wonderful job of your Manx Patchwork it looks so neat. I am not very quick at patchwork still learning.

  2. Your patchwork is looking great, much neater than mine!

  3. I want to make a Christmas one after seeing yours Ann