Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Great British Bake Off

We watched the THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF yesterday
I am hoping this will be my Hubby's new Hobby
He made two Apple and Cinnamon cakes from a Mary Berry Recipe today using the Apples from our Trees.  Delicious hot with Custard. 
Message for my visitors from overseas. The Great British Bake Off  is on Television. It has a Facebook Page and a Website

UPDATE. Hubby has made two Pies and three Strudels this week
I hope he makes Cornish Pasties next !


  1. You asked what those salad leaves were They were cheap ones from Boyes, apart from Pak Choi I didn't recognise the other two that were in there but they were a useful leaf for salads. Growing a more popular type that are the more usual type salad leaves now.

  2. Your selection should liven up my boring salads. Thank you Ann

  3. Dear Marion when your hubby gets finished sampling these new recipes do you think you could send him my way😊! I sure would love to sample his baking.

    1. He bought a new Cooker and is testing it as we have never had an Induction Hob before. I am happy for him to test it a lot more ! Marion x

  4. I wish my husband got into baking :) However he does do his fair share of cooking in general so I can't complain. The cakes look delishous!

  5. Whoa those pies look mighty good! ;-)