Monday, 8 August 2016

Tutorial. How I made a quick and easy Luggage Label

 I need a bright Luggage Label to find my Suitcase at the Airport 

 This is how to make one 

Draw a Cat Head or any shape you like on a piece of felt your chosen size
 This is the lid off a tub of Whiskas Cat Biscuits which worked well as a template 

Cut out the Cat Head.
I keep clear plastic packaging to use in my craft projects
 Cut some clear plastic a bit bigger than your Cat Head 

Sandwich the plastic between the cat Head and another piece of felt

Sew around three sides. My Sewing Machine sewed easily through the plastic as it wasn't very thick
I didn't have any orange cotton so this looks awful !

Punch a hole for the cord to attach it to your case with a hole punch
Trim edges with Pinking Shears if you want to 

I covered my stitching but it isn't really necessary if you use matching cotton !

  Test your new Label. If possible ! 
Yes Wally you would fit in my Suitcase 
Off to The Isle of Man tonight....yippee

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  1. Cute with the cat head! Great idea! I have lots of leather scraps and will try to make some suitecaselables with that.