Friday, 14 October 2016

Busy October Chutney, Beading Painting and Bird Dog

Our Sprocker Spaniel picks up dead Birds and Rabbits, One day he found a Deer Leg ! He won't drop them and carries them home. At home we rang the Door Bell which made him bark dropping it

October has been a VERY busy month. We made a new path 

 Hubby made our new garden gate and I painted it green

In the garden we still have Berries and Runner Beans and Apples. Our Goji Berries are said to be a Superfood but they don't taste super ! They are not very nice at all !

I made some beaded curtain Tie Backs 

Beaded Key Labels.
 More Chutney made in our Slow Cooker using my usual Recipe  
I guess October will continue to be busy ! Only 10 weeks until Christmas !


  1. you have been productive chutney sounds nice I bought my daughter a slow cooker last week and she said the stew she made yesterday was delicious. Loving the beaded tie backs. Presume the dog finds but does not kill what he brings home wonder what will be nest on his list!

  2. Thankfully he is not fast enough to catch anything yet....We use our Slow Cooker a lot. it makes the meat so tender Margaret. I must pop over to your blog now