Monday, 17 October 2016

Playing with Sewing Machine Stitches

I was going to make a Bread Bag but got side tracked playing with my Sewing Machine Stitches.
I only ever use the Straight Stitch and Zigzag
Does anyone use the other Stitches ? 


  1. like you I d not use my fancy stitches except one that makes a nice wave for quilting. I do have a piece of fabric that I stitched a row of each stitch for reference but my machine is 23 years old so does not have a vat quantity of titches, my ne home iis 38 years old and has simolar stitches as the bernina. thinking I wolud love a jamome but at about £1400 for the one I want wull just dream!

  2. I think it would be nice to have a Sewing Machine which embroidered letters. I expect they are expensive. My Sewing Teacher at School recommended a Bernina but they cost twice as much as my Janome. I did use the fancy stitches around the hem of my Daughter's dresses when she was little...a long time ago