Saturday, 5 November 2016

Trexxie the Turtle my first attempt at English Paper Piecing Patchwork

Named Trexxie because he is made from Triangles and Hexagons
This is my first attempt at English Paper Piecing Patchwork
He is too big to be a Pincushion and too small to be a Cushion
 I found the pattern for him on the Hobbycraft Blog

My first attempt at making Soda Bread. Quick and easy to make
This recipe contains oats. I found it on the BBC Website
I must turn my Computer off now as Hubby said T hinting that he wants a cup of tea !


  1. your turtle looks so good and a handy size for a child. Are you hooked on EPP now I enjoy doing it as I find it relaxing, there are lots of good books and of course patterns on the internet. Never made soda bread mind you very lazy when it comes to cooking these days

    1. The Soda Bread is lovely with cheese. Wish I had tried it years ago

  2. He looks great in those colours!! Hope you enjoyed making him. Sooz

    1. He was a good first project to try EPP. Thank you for designing him Sue