Monday, 5 December 2016

Warm easy to knit Slippers

There are lots of patterns for knitted Slippers online
These were easy to knit while watching TV
I found the pattern on Bevs Country Cottage Blog
Thank you Bev

I also tried knitting them without the ribbing
 Now I have warm and comfortable Slippers which don't match  !


  1. not come axcross knittes slippers will have to look into these as I seem unable to find slippers that are big enough for my feet, have to get open toed ones and they are not good on a cold tiled floor, very impressed with yours

    1. This pattern tells you how to make them to fit the length of your foot Margaret. Mine fit like a glove. I want to try knitting Socks now.

  2. Wonderful pair of unmatched slippers! I knit a pair for my two sons and their sweethearts every year.....going on 28 years of tradition now.