Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Crochet practice. Little Lion and Rainbow Granny Square Crochet

As a Beginner what did I learn from making my Crocheted Little Lion Head ?

If it doesn't look right unravel the stitch and start again !  I had to do this about 20 times !

Patience.  Don't rush.  When I started rushing it all went wrong. Slow down or stop for a break

I found that working with an even tension wasn't easy

The back of the Lion looked very different from the front

Finding the end of each circle was difficult. I will use Stitch markers next time

I need to practice making Crochet Circles

As a Beginner what did I learn making my second Granny Square ?

The tail of the wool gets in the way.  I must remember to weave it into the chain circle to hide it before I make my first stitch

Oh dear ...which Hook was I using ?  I will remember which Hook works best for the yarn by putting some tape around the end of the best Hook next time

Those pesky ends are a pain.  Start a new colour where the ends will be covered with stitches

With Valentine's Day coming up soon I wonder what I will learn next from making Crochet Hearts !


  1. you are getting skilled with your crochet, circles are not easy for a beginner and using more than one colour well done with both these pieces wish I had the same success with my attempts

  2. I still can't remember how to do each stitch Margaret. I have to look at diagrams to remind me. I am enjoying the challenge. Marion x

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    1. Thank you Janine. I have visited your blog but can't see where to leave a comment ? Your shawls are really lovely