Thursday, 2 February 2017

Knitting Needle Tips and Crochet Flowers

To keep Knitting Needles in pairs I keep them in short lengths of Drinking Straws. The black Straws are from Wetherspoons. The wider white ones are from Mcdonalds

Wooden Beads are handy for stopping your Knitting sliding off of your metal Knitting Needles. Not suitable for Bamboo Needles as it would dent the needle ends

Wine Bottle Corks are also useful for keeping your Knitting in place

I am still trying to learn to Crochet. The yellow centres will hopefully be Daisies when I get round to watching a few more Crochet Videos on Youtube. I knitted the white flower


  1. good tips here, mind you have had to abandon metal needles due to joint problems but managed with some bamboo ones when I did a scarf, that reminds me not taken a photo of that yet. Best of luck with the crochet I struggle teribly unless it is basic granny squares.

  2. I struggle with Crocheting in rows Margaret. I still find knitting easier. Marion x

  3. I love to crochet, but I never learned to knit. One day maybe!