Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Hello Spring avoiding the sun and Skin Cancer

Last year I had to have surgery for Skin Cancer
 Unfortunately I didn't wear Suncream or wear a hat. I do now !

Before Surgery
 I thought it was just an insect bite. It was just a small spot which would not heal.  If your Suncream is more than a year old please chuck it in the bin and buy some more. Take care now. Marion x


  1. I must own up to never using sun screen ever and I am 70 next month reading this maybe I will buy some this year as I do sit in the sun a lot as I am lacking in vitamin D and have to take medication for it

    1. A friend had Skin Cancer on her nose last year. She is retired so please protect yourself Margaret

  2. Hi Marion, Very good advice I am sorry you had to go through that, being a red head it is always on my mind and it seems to be getting hotter in this country too.
    Take care

    1. It does feel hotter in the UK Julie so we must be careful. I found it best to try on lots of Sunhats to find a comfortable one


Any comments are greatly appreciated. Marion x