Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Hola ! Crochet failure Owls and Tunisian sample

Hola ! Buenos Dias.  I am trying to learn Spanish
 It is about time as I have a Spanish Sister in law. A Spanish Dentist and our new Manager is Spanish.  I am learning using a free app called Duolingo.  So far so good.  A cute little Owl called Duo keeps popping up on the app to encourage me. I LOVE Duo

I am struggling to Crochet in rows as you can see above. I was trying to Crochet a Square !

My friend Elaine has just shown me how to do Tunisian Crochet. I am finding it easier to do. I have only tried one type of stitch so far.
 The edges are nearly straight so I am happy with my first attempt

This is what I made with my useless test squares. I find it hard to  throw away my test pieces. The yellow owl looks sinister so I might make him better eyes. They might have wings and legs when I work out how to crochet them !
Adios !  Hasta luego


  1. you must not throw your owls away they are cute. Have not done tunisian crochet for years maybe I will have a go at it again. Best of luck with the spanish at least you have people around you you can practise on they say that is the best way to learn

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Margaret. I have ordered some tunisian hooks so I can make something bigger. The Spanish is not easy but I haven't given up ....yet !

  2. These owls look great. No one guess they were practice squares :)

    1. Thank you Janine. I see you knit socks. I would love to try making some if I could find a very easy pattern