Tuesday, 20 June 2017

CROCHET Working out how much wool I needed

I have been practicing making Granny Squares after a few failures
After a lot of thought I decided to measure how much wool I needed to Crochet each round
I was using Double Knitting Wool and a 5.5 mm Hook

ROUND ONE  I measured the Wool and marked 20 inches with a  Clip. When I reached the Clip I moved it on another 20 inches. I was surprised to find that I used 66 inches of Wool for Round One

ROUND TWO  Used 110 inches of Wool
ROUND THREE  Used 154 inches of Wool

ROUND FOUR  Used 200 inches of Wool

ROUND FIVE  Used 250 inches of Wool
This has been an interesting experiment. Every new Round used about another 50 inches of Wool
Now I can use up my spare oddments of Wool without worrying about if I have enough to finish each round. Yippee !
Different Tension, Wool and Hook Size will be different for everyone It is worth doing this if you have oddments of wool to use up.  I hope this post is useful to someone in the world 


  1. That's very clever. I'm always playing yarn chicken. I should be more methodical :)

    1. I still can't Crochet Granny stripes. I have wanted to since seeing yours on your blog Janine. Marion x

  2. crochet seems to use more wool than knitting though I am probably wrong, this is useful info for all those who crochet, happy crocheting

  3. What a great way to figure out how much wool Marion. Love seeing your beautiful crochet work. I have never managed to learn this wonderful art form. Hope you are having a delightful day. Hugs!

  4. Thank you Janine, Margaret and Debbie. I was so surprised to find that a small Granny Square used that much wool. Marion x