Friday, 16 June 2017


Bees love my poppies. Can you spot two Bees in my photo ?
I want to make a Stumpwork Bee 

Some Vegetables are doing well on our Patio

I am trying Alderman Peas this year after watching Sarah Raven growing them on Youtube. 

Our Carrots are ok so far high up on top of a Waterbutt 

And hanging in an Apple Tree ! I hope the Carrot Flies won't find them this year 

We found evidence of a Hedgehog Nest underneath our Shed Floor
I don't know where our three Hedgehogs are this year
At the moment we only have Lettuces and Radishes ready to eat
Hopefully by my Review in July we will have more ready to eat
I must go and do some watering now.....


  1. Dear Marion - I did spot the two bees. Your poppies are lovely and the veggies look like they are doing just wonderful. As for your Hedgehog (similar to our groundhog here) that evidence is looking like it is taking up residence. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Thank you Debbie. I read somewhere that the best time to see Hedgehogs is at 3 am ! Maybe I should set my alarm to check if they are around :-)

  3. I love your poppies and your veggies are looking good :)


Any comments are greatly appreciated. Marion x