Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Lucky Four leaf Clover happy Piglet

 I pick Clover for our Neighbour's Chickens when we walk our Spaniel in the fields

 Today I found a Four Leaf Clover which is meant to be lucky...yippee !
I have heard the expression " As happy as a pig in Clover " so here is my knitted Piglet in the Clover before I gave it to the Chickens
I would like to keep my lucky Four Leaf Clover.  I have pressed Flowers in the past but they go brown 
 I wonder if there is any way I can preserve it's colour ? 
Find the pattern for my tiny piglet here

1 comment:

  1. your pig looks as happy as a pig in clover too. I can remember as a child the delight when we found a 4 leaf one. Sorry cannot help re pressing things went brown for me too and I was using a proper press to do them come to think of it have not a clue where it is now, buried under goodness knows what else I expect!