Sunday, 30 July 2017

Whitehouse Farm Old Barn Art Update 2 July 2017

It is so sad to see the old Barn at Whitehouse Farm falling apart. Some of the Art has been wrecked or painted over. To be more positive there are some new Paintings

New paintings  July 2017



Three singing heads when you look closely

Funny Owl

  I will miss seeing new Paintings when the Barn is knocked down for a new housing estate


  1. such a a shame these paintings cannot be saved some talented people about

  2. My favourite painting so far is the one with 2 dogs on my first post about the Barn. I wish it could be preserved. It is really kind of you to comment Margaret. Marion x

  3. This is an amazing gallery. It must be quite exciting to go along and see new pictures each time. I think it's a shame to see fields and barns go for development in general let alone one that has so much artistic value. It's clearly an important place for many in the community :)

    1. We never know what we will find next in the Barn Janine. I hope it will be used as an Art Gallery for as long as possible. The wooden walls inside are being broken down and used to make fires inside. This sadly leaves less area to paint on. Marion

  4. What a fun post and pictures.

    Hugs Diane