Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Where will they sleep tonight I wonder ?

I wonder if my daughter still thinks it is a good idea to sleep with 6 cats in her bedroom ?  Tabby woke me up at 5am and would not let me go back to sleep.  I sensed something was wrong and found my daughter’s bedroom door was shut.  I let Tabby in to be with her kittens.  Two minutes later she was back on my bed and she had been shut out again !   I let her in again to find my daughter was very stressed.  Now I had two stroppy females to calm down.  My daughter needed her sleep and Tabby wanted her kittens !  My daughter put the playful kittens in a box and I took all 6 cats downstairs.  Where will they sleep tonight ?


  1. Poor pusses...!!
    They can be demanding can't they? xx

  2. What a cofuffle - did anyone actually get any sleep?

  3. My daughter said that they are definately sleeping downstairs from now on....phew !

  4. oh my goodness i adore cats! especially a box full of kittens!! definitely a handfull though


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