Saturday, 6 May 2017

Tutorial Home made Tent Cloche to keep out Cats

We have had a sheet of Polycarbonate cluttering up the garden for years. Today I made it into a Tent Cloche to stop our four cats digging up my Vegetable seedlings. I looked up Cloche Clips on the Internet and found that they are expensive so I improvised

Cut the Polycarbonate Sheet to size with a handsaw

   Bamboo Sticks crossed over and tied together. Push the ends into the soil until they feel secure 

   Lay the Polycarbonate sheet over the Sticks making a Tent
   Adjust the ties on the sticks to fit the width of the Polycarbonate
 Place 2 more Sticks on the outside of the tent.
 Secure the outside Sticks to the inside sticks. We had some plastic rings from our Pond Pump to slip over the Canes. A rubber Band or string would do. The tie should be easy to undo but secure

Cover the end of the Cloche with Polycarbonate to keep Cats out.  Push 2 more Sticks over the end piece to keep it in place. To water the inside there are two options.  Remove 2 sticks from one side and lift off the sheet or slide out one sheet after removing the end 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Baking Man Bread today

It is wet and cold here in Sussex. The perfect day for baking Man Bread as having the oven on has warmed up our home

I had never measured ingredients in cups before. There was only one bowl to wash up. Our Son has just tasted the bread and likes it so this will be a family favourite

I brushed the Loaf Tin with Coconut Oil to stop it sticking

I put the dough in our Airing Cupboard to rise.  I had to tie up the door to stop Izzy getting in there for her afternoon nap. I would definately make Man Bread again.
 The Recipe is on the Internet

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Knitted Baby Blanket finished for Grandchild

It has taken me a long time to knit this Baby Blanket !
It is for my our first Grandchild due in May
 We are looking forward to meeting him
I am sewing some other items for him

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Mud Kitchen and Goths on holiday in Whitby

We visited The Yorkshire Moors National Park Visitor Centre at Danby. They have a wonderful Mud Kitchen for children outside

This is the first Mud Kitchen I have ever seen 

 Whitby in Yorkshire

The Royal Hotel we stayed in is the long white building on the cliff
When we left Whitby on Friday there were thousands of Goths arriving. A Goth Weekend Music Festival is held in Whitby twice a year. It is one of the biggest Goth events in the world

GARDEN REVIEW APRIL 2017 Greenhouse full

It is still cold at night here in Sussex so I have started sowing seeds in our Greenhouse. This is all that has come up so far 
Radish were up in a few days
Spring Onions  
Sweet Peas
Carrots Flyaway
Sown not up yet 
Runner Beans. I am growing Firestorm and Snowstorm, two self fertile varieties this year. Last year we had flowers galore but very few Bees to pollinate them 
Catmint for our four Cats 
Outside in the Kitchen Garden
Poached Egg Flowers. last year's are about to flower. They attract Hoverflies and Bees
In Cold Frames. Alderman Peas are up. Runner Beans sown
Our Fruit Bushes are all doing well. Strawberries have flowers on them. So far so good !

Friday, 21 April 2017

Knitting Last Puppy and Piglets

Just a quick post as I am busy knitting a blanket for my first Grandchild due in May. It is taking a long time to knit !
My last puppy has gone to his forever home so I am knitting more 

 Piglets nearly ready for rehoming 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Hello Spring avoiding the sun and Skin Cancer

Last year I had to have surgery for Skin Cancer
 Unfortunately I didn't wear Suncream or wear a hat. I do now !

Before Surgery
 I thought it was just an insect bite. It was just a small spot which would not heal.  If your Suncream is more than a year old please chuck it in the bin and buy some more. Take care now. Marion x

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Hola ! Crochet failure Owls and Tunisian sample

Hola ! Buenos Dias.  I am trying to learn Spanish
 It is about time as I have a Spanish Sister in law. A Spanish Dentist and our new Manager is Spanish.  I am learning using a free app called Duolingo.  So far so good.  A cute little Owl called Duo keeps popping up on the app to encourage me. I LOVE Duo

I am struggling to Crochet in rows as you can see above. I was trying to Crochet a Square !

My friend Elaine has just shown me how to do Tunisian Crochet. I am finding it easier to do. I have only tried one type of stitch so far.
 The edges are nearly straight so I am happy with my first attempt

This is what I made with my useless test squares. I find it hard to  throw away my test pieces. The yellow owl looks sinister so I might make him better eyes. They might have wings and legs when I work out how to crochet them !
Adios !  Hasta luego

Monday, 27 February 2017

HOLIDAY Ship and Castle Hotel in St Mawes Cornwall

We have just returned from a holiday in Cornwall
Dicky Fox has put a very good short video of St Mawes on Youtube taken from a Drone
You can see the Hotel on the video. It is the big white one overlooking the small boats in the Harbour 

Ship and Castle Hotel St Mawes Cornwall

Lovely Hotel Room. We would love to stay in this Hotel again

St Mawes Castle 10 minutes walk from the hotel. I love castles

We went to Port Isaac a small Cornish Harbour Town where they filmed Doc Martin

Doc Martins's Cottage
The Seagulls in Cornwall swoop down and steal food from your hands while you are eating it !
 I have added a Seagull project to my to do list 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Knitted Valentine Heart and Lazy Bunting

It has been a very stressful Valentine's Day.  Our Spaniel is at the Vets having another operation.  To unwind I knitted a quick Heart and blocked and steamed it flat.  I don't know what I am going to do with it ?   

 I have 6 different balls of red wool.  I cut off short lengths to remind me exactly which thicknesses I have

My Brother In Law gave us a Desk. I am using it as a Craft Table.  I made a Lazy New Sew Bunting for the wall behind it.  Lazy because I glued the Flags on !