Saturday, 1 October 2011

I'm back after 5 days in Cornwall for hubby's 60th birthday

Penzance harbour. Why did I even think of going abroad for hubby's 60th birthday when we have such a stunning island .......when the weather is good

Carbis Bay half an hours walk from St Ives

View from our hotel bedroom at Carbis Bay

Sorry hubby the time machine can't take you back to being 18 again

Newquay beach

St Ives

Good try hubby but booby pirate is a dummy !


  1. Belated 'Happy Birthday' to your Hubby Marion - looks like you two had such fun.....
    I agree - why go abroad when we have such a beautiful country of our own to explore.
    Jo. xx

  2. Those beaches look absolutely marvelous! I would love to visit there one day :) Also, happy birthday to your husband!!

  3. Lovely pictures. I spent all of my teens in Cornwall every single year and loved every time. It is such a beautiful part of the country - but, only when the weather is good. My aunt and uncle lived in Newquay and it was such a magical place - not like now - it is geared towards the uni drop-outs and drawing in as much money as possible with bars and clubs. All the gorgeous little surf shops, boutiques and most of the art shops have gone. A sign of the times sadly.