Thursday, 1 December 2011

My craft cupboard is now full up ! Dec 2011

My craft shelves are full and I have more in boxes !
My blog is now one year old.  Happy birthday blog  :-)
Thank you all for looking at my projects for the last year
I think my blog has become boring but it has been fun to do 
What would make my blog more interesting ? 


  1. I don't think your blog is boring at all!!! I think it's very sweet and genuine. I just love all the crafts you make and all the kitty photos you share. I'm horrible at commenting, but I do enjoy all of your posts! :)

    Or are you talking about the "look"? Mine is plain white with a simple text banner that I keep meaning to change to a picture - just as soon as I figure out what to put there. lol

  2. Marion, your makes are so inventive - I don't know how you even think of so many ways to recycle things. Maybe, because that is your forte you can embellish on the way you think about recycling what we mostly throw away. Also, maybe more information on how you go about recycling them. I don't find your blog boring either. If you want a more appropriate background go into google and put in free blog backgrounds and there are some sites where you can download a new background. If you are not sure how to do it message me on my blog or on busymitts and I will tell you how to do it. Anyway congrats on your first year and keep going. I do try to comment most times, but some I do miss - apologies. I get quite a few visitors to mine, but like Zombie Leah says a lot of people do not leave comments. xx

  3. It's not boring at all......
    As Chrissy says, you make amazing things and go to pretty & interesting places....
    That's what blogging is all about - sharing day to day - so, job done well....
    Jo. xx