Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Childhood innocence. In memory of my pet caterpillar

My dear Dad told me he kept owls in his beard. I sat on his lap for hours looking for them !
I thought Golden Syrup came from lions because there was a picture of a lion on the tin
I thought I could keep my pet Caterpillar alive by keeping him in a matchbox with a leaf
My pottery caterpillar was made at an evening class in memory of my poor little pet
Do you remember being five ? 


  1. Wow you kept him all that time and he looks beautifully made too

  2. Aw what a sweet keepsake Marion. No I don't remember much when I was five, well nothing I dare say without making me blush.
    Julie.C x

  3. I have a few faint memories of being five.
    I used to keep a ladybird in a matchbox with some leaves but I never kept a caterpillar.
    I think your pottery caterpillar is really cute.

  4. I'm not sure how old I was but my uncle used to keep me amused for hours with a trick he's do. He'd take my necklace, swallow it & then sneeze. My necklace would come back via his nose....
    Gross but facinating....!!!

  5. What nice memories Marion. The only thing I remember about being 5 was that my parent's bought 5 acres of land and we moved to the country. A farmer grazed his cows on our property. I remember keeping a glow-in-the-dark plastic skeleton in a matchbox when I was six. I called him Hermon. Thanks for resurrecting fun memories!