Monday, 11 June 2012

We woke up to find this today in flooded Sussex

We woke up to this this morning ! I wonder how quickly we could build an Ark ?
I went out in my wellies to help the Postman deliver post to our flooded neighbours.
That was more fun than doing housework : )


  1. Looks like you are not the only ones having a wet Summer, the weather forecasts say we will be having storms and heavy showers tonight in this part of Italy (North)... hope it won't be too bad.

  2. Oh wow! Are floods like these common where you live? Kudos to you for helping out the postman! I'm sure he appreciated it!

  3. This happens about once a year but the water usually goes down quite quickly.....not this time !

  4. I hope you didn't get too much damage Marion...
    We've been forcast very heavy rain here in South Wales for this afternoon - but so far, its been a lovely day (almost 9pm now). Bet we won't escape though - it's sports day at school on Friday - it's bound to rain... LOL. x