Tuesday, 7 August 2012

If you stay at the " The Wardrobe" in Salisbury ( Landmark Trust )

If you stay at The Wardrobe this will be the view of Salisbury Cathedral you will see from the dining table as you eat...
The double comfy bed you could sleep in....
The cosy lounge you could relax in especially as there is no Television. Enjoy the Cathedral bells and the lovely view or visit The Rifles Museum downstairs. Chill out here with a bottle of wine and good company....
Room for two more people to stay....

If I ever win enough on my few Premium Bonds I will book a few nights At " The Wardrobe " in Salisbury. Until then I will just show you the above photos I took when I visited The Wardrobe recently.


  1. Looks very welcoming!

  2. Looks great. You have lots of weekends away Marion! Lucky girl.


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