Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hi I'm back from a five day holiday in Jersey

Gorey with it's beautiful Castle is my favourite place on Jersey. 

Hotel de Normandie near the capital St Helier where we stayed.     It was my husband's birthday so the Hotel gave us a better room at no extra charge bless them.   

Corbiere.  We walked to the lighthouse in the background. A siren goes to warn you when the tide is coming in as it covers the path. We had wanted to go to Jersey for years


  1. Looks like you had a very nice holiday! Nice pictures!

  2. My hubby visited Jersey many years ago & always says we should go... It's on the "to visit" list.... lol.
    Fab photos... xx

  3. Hi, you don't lose me that easy. I have a new blog, but it is only a place to put my cards - not a personal blog anymore. Was getting loads of stupid annoymous emails regularly, so needed to close and disperse it all. But, I am still around and reading all my favourite bloggers - including you. xx

  4. P.s. Did you have a nice time. We went in June and had a great few days.

  5. That's good news Chrissy. We had a very relaxing holiday and would love to go back again. There is a competition to win a Jersey holiday in the Prima Magazine I bought yesterday. Marion x