Friday, 3 May 2013

Horseburger Jokes in case you missed them doing the rounds

I have just eaten a Horseburger and still have A BIT BETWEEN MY TEETH
Would you like anything with your Horseburger Sir ?...... Yes a fiver each way
Horseburgers won't be reduced in the shops FURLONG
I am so hungry I could eat a horse so I'm off to Tesco
Horseburgers are low in salt but high in SHERGAR
Police are searching for the Horsemeat factory in our NEIGHbourhood
Eating Horseburgers may give you nightMARES 
After eating a burger I felt a little horse
I've heard that Horseburgers give you the TROTS
My friend is in A and E after eating a Horseburger.  Her condition is now STABLE
I checked my freezer for Horseburgers aaaannndddd.......... THEY'RE OFF 
What do you call a burnt Horseburger ?................Black Beauty
Horseburger sales remain STABLE
Do you like Horseburgers ?  Yay or NEIGH ?
The Horsemeat in burgers is not the MANE ingredient
I prefer Venison burgers but they are dead deer
The Horsemeat in burgers was found with a D N NEIGH test
A driver was breathalized after eating a burger and RED RUM was detected
Tesco accept HMV vouchers if you tell them they are Horse Meat Vouchers
If you don't like Horseburgers try Quarter Pandas

You are welcome to add to the list 

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