Monday, 9 June 2014

Inspired by our old Series 1 Landrover SXF 476

We had to sell our dear old Series 1 Landrover when we moved down from Scotland.  We lived high up in the hills in Perthshire. A kind Gentleman bought her and drove her back to his home on the
 Isle of Skye. She was built like a Tank so I hope she is still around

She carried logs
 and drove through bogs
She sunk in snow
 we loved her so
But.....she had to go

I tried not to cry
 as I waved her goodbye
She drove off to Skye
 with a lovely guy
We miss her so
But.....she had to go

Our photos of her are fading but our memories will never fade

This photo makes me pine to be back in the Scottish mountains

We had to check underneath for our Chickens before we drove her They loved going to sleep on the axles between the wheels

She was so heavy that she used to sink in heavy snow

Hubby looking after her engine 

She is the inspiration for the project I have just started
If anyone sees her on the Isle of Skye please give her a big hug from me
 Thanks for dropping by.  Bye for now. Marion x


  1. What an awesome vehicle! So sad...maybe you'll see her again some day.

  2. A PROPER Land Rover; and not a chav in sight!!!

  3. Thanks for commenting Sam and Cro. She was very special. Marion x