Monday, 4 May 2015

May 2015 My life and crafting review

I have just taken this photo of some of my crafts before I pack them away in a box.
I have a milestone Birthday coming up with a Zero in it !  Now I have more years behind me than in front of me. I am wondering what I should be doing with the time that I have left and ask myself
Why do I make things ?
What should I do with them ?
Is it time to grow up and stop making things !


  1. Personally I would say the opposite. Now is the time to make as much as possible. Bigger more daring projects.

  2. Then I will need a bigger Craft Cupboard Cro ! Marion x

  3. No don't stop making things, but i know what you mean about how many things you have left on a shelf or in a box. I don't have many people to make for so I usually end up giving most of them away.
    best wishes

    1. I guess it will keep my brain active as I get older ! I like giving away bits and bobs I have made. You have been very busy making more lovely things Julie. I just had another look at your Blog. Take care now. Marion x

  4. Never give up!!! It keeps us young at heart...
    Happy Birthday for your upcoming celebrations. xxx

  5. Thanks Jo. I am going to try to only make USEFUL things in future. I will pop over to your Blog and see what you have been making since my last visit. Take care. Marion x