Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Paranormal experience working in a haunted Care Home

After four years I was used to the harmless spirits in the Care Home where I worked. The Kettle was often turned off by invisible hands. I had seen the Ghost of a young boy in a Sailor suit in Room Four. A pair of children's shoes disappeared before my eyes in the Hall. On Night Duty one night I was touched on my shoulder and someone called my name. I also often felt someone touch me on the stairs going up to the Loft Rooms.

In December the Care Home was beautifully decorated for Christmas. Our afternoon shift started normally. I took Mrs Jones afternoon tea in her room and found her to be very angry. She said “ Please can you stop those children running up and down the hall “ I agreed to, knowing full well that there were no children visiting the home. I will never forget the next five hours. The Lift kept stopping between floors. Being a Senior Carer I had to call the emergency Lift Engineer who found nothing wrong. All of the Residents were seated for Dinner when the buzzer went off in Room 10. A Reindeer and a Christmas Tree had been moved from the Hall Table onto the floor.

What an evening ! Every time we left the Kitchen to serve Dinner we returned to find things had been moved or hidden under napkins. Potatoes appeared on the Food Trolley and Fairy Cakes were spread around on different shelves in the the Larder. Lights were turning on and off by themselves. After Dinner we sat down for a Tea Break. My work Colleague felt an unseen child give her a warm hug.

 After six hours the Nightshift arrived. I said out loud “ Children you have had your fun now please go to bed “ Thankfully they did and the Night Shift had a quiet night.

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