Monday, 27 February 2017

HOLIDAY Ship and Castle Hotel in St Mawes Cornwall

We have just returned from a holiday in Cornwall
Dicky Fox has put a very good short video of St Mawes on Youtube taken from a Drone
You can see the Hotel on the video. It is the big white one overlooking the small boats in the Harbour 

Ship and Castle Hotel St Mawes Cornwall

Lovely Hotel Room. We would love to stay in this Hotel again

St Mawes Castle 10 minutes walk from the hotel. I love castles

We went to Port Isaac a small Cornish Harbour Town where they filmed Doc Martin

Doc Martins's Cottage
The Seagulls in Cornwall swoop down and steal food from your hands while you are eating it !
 I have added a Seagull project to my to do list 


  1. what a beautiful looking hotel, and how good to see Doc Martin`s house love that programme and saw him last night on tv they are making another series of his show so looking forward to that

    1. If you are ever in Cornwall margaret pop into Port Isaac. It must be full of Tourists in the Summer. It is exactly the same as it was when they filmed Doc Martin

  2. OMG! I love Cornwall. I was in Penzance for a couple of days June 2015. We went to St Ives for a day as well. Great pics. Sorry I haven't looked at your blog more often. Must add it to my favs.

    1. The rugged Coatline of Cornwall has stunning scenery and hasn't changed too much over the years. A perfect holiday destination even when the weather isn't too good ! it was very foggy when we were there but we still enjoyed our holiday