Thursday, 29 September 2016

My second Hedgehog House

My second Hedgehog House is made with more natural materials

Our Daughter rescued a few Hedgehogs from the road years ago
She put them in our garden so the four we have now are probably their children

Sunday, 25 September 2016

A new Home for our Garden Hedgehogs

It has been a lovely sunny day in Sussex. I made our Hedgehogs a new home
 I have insulated it with woolen Carpet Underlay to keep them warm

It is an old plastic storage box so it will keep them dry
I will put it among our Fruit Bushes and hope they like it

Thursday, 15 September 2016

New dog walking bag using Cath Kidston fabric

With the dark evenings I needed a small shoulder bag for walking my dog. This is just big enough to hold a Torch and a few Poo Bags. 
 It was very easy to make using the pre cut Fabric included in a Cath Kidston book called " Make ! "

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Remembering Mum and Cemetery Gardening

My Sister and I have planted many Flowers, Bulbs and Shrubs in front of our Mum's Headstone.  When we visit her grave we find that the Cemetery Gardeners have mowed the grass right up to the her Headstone
I now have a little Memorial to her in our Garden using the temporary wooden Cross we had before her Headstone was erected
She died 12 years ago today
POEM Author unknown
You only have one Mother so treasure her with care
You'll only know her value when you see her empty Chair 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Great British Bake Off

We watched the THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF yesterday
I am hoping this will be my Hubby's new Hobby
He made two Apple and Cinnamon cakes from a Mary Berry Recipe today using the Apples from our Trees.  Delicious hot with Custard. 
Message for my visitors from overseas. The Great British Bake Off  is on Television. It has a Facebook Page and a Website

UPDATE. Hubby has made two Pies and three Strudels this week
I hope he makes Cornish Pasties next !

Kitchen Garden Update 27 August 2016

Probably my last Fruit and Vegetable growing post this year
My last five Beetroot dug up today

My Tomatoes are coming to an end. I have removed the leaves to let the sun ripen them. Lots of them are still green. We still have Runner Beans, Spring Onions, Berries and Apples

Only two Pears and a few Plums. We ate our Rhubarb which was only enough to make one Crumble
I have repotted our mini Strawberries which tasted nicer than our big ones

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Isle of Man Manx Patchwork Kit from Cregneash

I bought a Kit to try Manx Patchwork when we visited the Cregneash Folk Village on the Isle of Man
This one patch only 9 inches big took me three hours to complete ! 
The photo doesn't show the overlapping, like roof tiles technique which makes Manx patchwork so different

There was a demonstration and beautiful Patchwork on display
This was hung up like a Door Curtain but may have been a Quilt 

This was a Cot Quilt and helped me understand the traditional dark and light sides of the squares. I want to do more Patchwork and hope to get quicker now I understand the technique. I find choosing the right fabrics for patchwork very difficult

I love Ann's Christmas Patch. A beautiful example I found on 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Our week on the Isle Of Man August 2016

We have just returned from the Isle of Man
It is a beautiful unspoilt Island and there were not many Tourists 
This is one of many Horse Trams which carry people for two miles up and down the Promenade in Douglas

Our Room had a Four Poster Bed which was a surprise

This is Castletown with a real Castle to explore

Snaefell Mountain Railway goes to the top of the highest Mountain

We travelled by Steam Train quite a lot during our week there

The famous Laxey Water Wheel
It was one of the best holidays we have ever had and I would love to go back to the isle of Man
Have you visited the Isle of Man ?

Propagating Jade or Money Plant, Fuchsias and Kalanchoe and a mini Frog

I have been propagating a few plants. Fuchsias root easily in water. The leaves dry out so I popped an open plastic bag over them to reduce evaporation

Jade or Money Plants are easy too.  Just plant a piece with two or four leaves in a pot and it will root 
 If a leaf falls off it will grow into a new plant but this takes a little longer

Kalanchoe. When your plant gets leggy or straggly cut a few pieces off and put them in water where they root easily

Close up of rooted Kalanchoe

I spotted a frog in daylight in the garden today. He is so tiny bless him.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Tutorial. How I made a quick and easy Luggage Label

 I need a bright Luggage Label to find my Suitcase at the Airport 

 This is how to make one 

Draw a Cat Head or any shape you like on a piece of felt your chosen size
 This is the lid off a tub of Whiskas Cat Biscuits which worked well as a template 

Cut out the Cat Head.
I keep clear plastic packaging to use in my craft projects
 Cut some clear plastic a bit bigger than your Cat Head 

Sandwich the plastic between the cat Head and another piece of felt

Sew around three sides. My Sewing Machine sewed easily through the plastic as it wasn't very thick
I didn't have any orange cotton so this looks awful !

Punch a hole for the cord to attach it to your case with a hole punch
Trim edges with Pinking Shears if you want to 

I covered my stitching but it isn't really necessary if you use matching cotton !

  Test your new Label. If possible ! 
Yes Wally you would fit in my Suitcase 
Off to The Isle of Man tonight....yippee